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St. Anthony's Parish Contact Information

Please feel free to contact us with any of your needs. If you wish to seek information on our parish or on renting St. Anthony's Catholic Church and Parish Hall, please contact the Parish Administrator at the Parish Office. Reverend Nichols can also be contacted directly. You can either phone or send the contact form.

Parish Office, Church & Hall Inquiries
phone 707.937.2406  fax 707.937.2406


Rectory & Pastor - Reverend Louis J. Nichols
phone 707.937.5808  fax 707.937.2406
St. Anthony



Santa Rosa Diocese
phone 707.545.7610  fax 707.542.9702


Parish Liaison Officer (St. Anthony's) Carol Ann Walton
Parish Administrator Chris Speake
Parish Accountant Kathleen Rzeplinski
Parish Council President Bill Semans
Parish Finance President Jerry Thomas
Parish Bulletin Editor John Innes
Lector/Eucharistic Coordinators - Saturday Masses Carol Ann Walton
Lector/Eucharistic Coordinators - Sunday Masses Shirley Clark
Garden Maintenance Ann Owings
Mission Liaison Officer (Elk) Dorothy Cong
Music Director Ed Welter
Music Leader Steve Jordon

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