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THE CHURCH ~ St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, Mendocino California

Welcome to St. Anthony's

People from all over the world come to enjoy the spectacular beauty of the Mendocino Coast. Some take the time to join us here at St. Anthony's to give thanks to god for the beauty he has given us. This church is truly as much yours as it is ours. Because we live and worship here, you have a church to visit, but without your visits, we would have no church at all. Our congregation is small - less than 100 families. Over half of our adult members are engaged in various parish ministries and contribute a third of our annual budget of $100,000. As you see, we do depend upon your support.

St. Anthony
St. Anthony
St. Anthony's Catholic Church and Parish Hall

St. Anthony's can provide your needs, from a small business conference to a wedding or renewal of your 50th anniversary wedding vows. Gatherings from 10 to 150 people can be accommodated in the church and hall. The church may be reserved for a Catholic Wedding, Vows Renewal or Baptism.

Mendocino is one of the two towns in California designated as a National Historic Preservation District. St. Anthony's is an integral part of that history. Established in the late 1850's, it is the oldest parish in Mendocino County. The original church building was across the street in what is now the cemetery. The congregation quickly outgrew it and a new church was built on the present site. Destroyed by fire in 1930, it was replaced by the existing church.

Artwork at St. Anthony's Catholic Church

Over the last twenty years, many artists have contributed to the interior decoration of the building. The most noticeable is the ocean mural behind the altar, which was originally painted by E. John Robinson and helpers. This major piece of artwork was graciously repainted by E. John, after the fire. On the south side of he church stands a large wooden sculpture of a woman and child looking out to sea. This piece of sculpture was done by S.R. Kelly, in memory of two fishermen who were lost at sea.

St. Anthony\
St. Anthony's Catholic Church Altar and Mural
St. Anthony\
Wooden Sculpture outside of St. Anthony's Catholic Church

St. Anthony\
St. Anthony's Church Fire, 1999

On November 30th, 1999, a fire destroyed the sanctuary and roof of the existing church, and damaged much of the interior and furnishings, including the exquisite ocean mural behind the altar. Restoration, generously funded by parishioners and friends and visitors, supplemented insurance proceeds and began on March 13th, 2000. This process of reconstruction took more than six months during which time masses and other religious services were held in the church Parish Hall next door.

St. Anthony
St. Anthony's Parish Hall

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